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The plot

Earth, year 2138. Humanity is running out of space. You have been designed to explore the universe and colonize at least 10 new planets for your glorious empire! Will you succeed? The fate of Humanity rests upon you.

How to play

The game has two phases :

  • First, when you are flying in space, you can use the WASD or the ZQSD or the ARROW keys to fly around. You can also use the SPACE key to shoot the asteroids passing by.
    To find other planets you must use your radar (green orbs around your ship shows both their direction and their distance to you).
    When trying to land on a planet, you must be careful not to go to fast and to have a good angle (watch out for warnings at the bottom of your screen)
    During your flight, you will consume your fuel and your spaceship's population will increase.
  • The second phase is on the planets. You can move using the first phase's controls
    When you land on a planet, you must plan carefully your moves : each moves will consume both food and population.
    On top of that, a city will be built behind you, you can't enter a town as it is too dense : each time you move you reduce the available space on the planet.


We were two while making this game :
Art and music: Wyvelk
Code: MrSylar59


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